Wrinkle injections for anyone who want to preserve their youth.

Look young and feel confident.

BotoxClub has designed unique Coupon packages that will suit your budget planning and Save lots of money for you, so what are you waiting for? Contact BotoxClub Now

The BotoxClub has been formed to help people of Sydney and Melbourne to find an affordable way to treat wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet with anti wrinkle injections without a plastic look. Our facial muscles are continually in use and for some people early wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes can make them look tired, angry or older than they are.

The BotoxClub can treat these wrinkle areas leaving you with a natural younger look, that will even prevent your skin becoming permanently creased.So how can the BotoxClub help you? When you purchase a Coupon which will give you discounted anti wrinkle injections to treat the crows feet, forehead lines and excessive frowns for an entire year. Additionally the Coupon gives you the option of a guaranteed non interest lay buy where you can have the injections now and pay slowly over time at no extra charge to you. There are varying levels of Coupons available, starting from only $99 that will save you up to $900 on your anti wrinkle injections’ over a year. You could be paying as little as $9.99 per unit!

The BotoxClub is an innovation that is able to bring the well known, trusted and scientifically proven treatment for the problems of excess muscle movements that cause these lines and wrinkles in the frown area, across the forehead or as crows feet around the eyes. We have been delivering the products that we use in the BotoxClub since 2000 safely and with excellent results to men and women all across Sydney and Melbourne.

As a potential patient you need to know that the BotoxClub uses:

  • only well trained and experienced practitioners who are supported by our own cosmetic surgeon.
  • All clients with concerns of wrinkles and excessive frowns or crow’s feet are carefully assessed in a free consultation in one of several locations in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Then if the treatment is appropriate for you the benefits and risks are explained in detail.
  • Photos are always taken for accurate assessment of before and after changes (of which you can see many examples on this web site).
  • The product that we use at the BotoxClub is the most widely used anti wrinkle injection product with a long safety record.

The BotoxClub prides itself on delivering the anti wrinkle injection in as painless a way as possible and most times you are able to leave after our anti wrinkle injections at the BotoxClub with no visible signs of your treatment.

We aim for satisfaction and at the BotoxClub we will explain to you in detail what is the exact dose of anti wrinkle injection you need to treat your frown, forehead lines or crows feet while producing the results that you want at the lowest cost possible.

The BotoxClub can also help with more advanced uses of the well known anti wrinkle injection such as the nefertiti look for neck improvement, the treatment of migraines and for excess sweating.